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3rd Grade Classroom

Taught By Maris Talaugon

This year in the 3rd grade we will be focusing on personal success. I am looking forward to helping the students fall in love with learning. Our class will consist of hands-on science projects with a “makers” focus, engaging and integrated social studies, and finding personal connections and understanding through hands-on math curriculum. We will be working on strengthening our reading and writing skills through purposeful instruction as well as integration throughout all subjects. Our writing component includes a workshop style approach in learning to write multiple paragraph essays and learning how to present information to a group. We will also be working on cursive handwriting and typing skills throughout the year. We will be using and learning about technology and how it can enhance our academic skills. Along with these academics, we will be learning about good health practices which will include various games and physical activity. The students will also have the opportunity to include art into their lessons on a regular basis.

Our class will be using the ToolBox curriculum throughout our daily routines which will help them to develop personal skills that will support them in creating successful practices of personal well-being throughout their lives. Through this curriculum and our classroom focus on group work and whole group discussion they will also learn to develop empathy and a sense of community responsibility.

I know that every student can and will succeed in the classroom and am genuinely excited to help facilitate this success.

Our classroom webpage is updated weekly so that you can always be updated on what we are doing in class. Check us out!

Classroom Webpage: