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4th/5th Grade Classroom

Taught By Melaine Curran

WELCOME! I am excited to share that this year, our 4th/5th grade curriculum will address the full spectrum of students by incorporating project based learning, where they will learn to collaborate effectively in small groups. Emphasis will be to teach students how to become critical thinkers while being encouraged to ask questions and become the agents of change.

Our main focus will be to create a safe and respectful environment for learning to take place. Students are empowered to take on jobs and responsibilities that help each and every learner to achieve their greatest potential while creating a sense of community. Students learn to self advocate and understand empathy and respect for themselves and others through our ToolBox curriculum.

Academically, we will be diving into History, Science, writing, reading, math, physical fitness, art, Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, and enrichment classes. Of course, our “Maker Mondays” are the highlight of the week, when the students become the innovators of their our creations while collaborating, communicating, negotiating, and accomplishing final projects to take out into our community.

Each student has access to their own Chromebook where they participate in research, presentations, typing, finance, and coding, just to name a few of the great learning websites.

My personal goal, as a teacher, is to encourage students to be the best that they can be by embracing a sense of curiosity and wonder of the world.

I am grateful to be a part of our wonderful school and to have the opportunity to share my strengths and hope for others, especially our future generations!!

I’m looking forward to having a great year!