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5th Grade Teacher

Taught By Robin Haub

I am so excited to be teaching Fifth Grade at Kid Street this year!

I am an upper/middle grades teacher who loves to explore content through STEAM and project based learning.  I have taught 5-8th grades in Santa Rosa and Healdsburg and am excited to be a part of the Kid Street team.

This year we will be diving into interesting literature books with cross cultural themes such as Ruby Lee and Me Number the Stars, and several others.  We will be exploring United States History from Native American life before explorers to the Constitution and the American Revolution.  In Math students will be practicing multi-digit multiplication and division, working with fractions and decimals, and complex shapes.  We will also be exploring ecosystems, earth and space sciences, motion and stability, and many other areas of science.  I plan to incorporate some new technology into our projects and to create with coding, video making, and more!  Students will have opportunities to foster their creativity, be innovative in their thinking, and work together to solve problems.

I am looking forward to learning more about each student and engaging in discussions about social/emotional knowledge, their own unique perspectives, and about how we can affect our school and community.