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Business Manager Position: 

Business Manager Job Description .pdf (PDF — 200 KB)

After School Program Director Position:

After School Program Director Job Description.pdf

After School Assistant and/or After School Paid Internship:

Substitute Teacher:

Please download the following documents and turn a copy of your Drivers License, Sub Card, and SS Card.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Angel Gray at [email protected]

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2018 employment application.docx.pdf (PDF — 124 KB) |   2018 w4.pdf (PDF — 127 KB)

CalStrs forms (PDF — 193 KB) |  2017 I-9 Form.pdf (PDF — 75 KB)


After School Program Assistant(2019-2020 School Year) unpaid internships are available. Please contact Angel Gray at 707-525-9223 or [email protected] for details.